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Misleading and fraud done by kotak Insurance company Dr-P-K-Malaviya | Insurance | 1 Reply


Sir, 1-I have taken insurance policy from Kotak Life Insurance as under:
Kotak Smart Advantage (UIN-107L043V01)
2-I took first policy with premium amount Rs 36000/- and premium payment period as 3 years. (Policy no-01772779)
3-Than I took second policy for Rs 50000/- and I told that premium payment period as 3 years.(Policy no-01794921)
4- I have paid three premiums.

In the second policy also asked for premium payment term as 3 years and did not check the proposal form and signed. Now I discovered that premium payment period is 15 years.

I am 58 year old why i will opt for 15 years premium payment period .

I want immediate redemption.
Dr P K Malaviya

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-May-18
Dear Dr Malaviya, Please contact Kotak Life Insurance customer care at 022 - 67905018 .Mis selling by agents is rampant in insurance.An agent has targets and is least bothered about the individual policy holders needs.He will sell the policy which gives him maximum commision or any policy whether you need it or not.It is up to you to read up on insurance.You can do so by looking up the website which is India\'s only free on call money adviser.
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