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13.25% Interest on ICICI Home loans for Existing Customers Pravin-Lords | Loans and Credit Cards | 1 Reply


I took a housing loan from ICICI in OCT 2006 with ROI 9% (LBPUN00001374420) ...Believe me I have paid only 4 installments with initially quoted RIO. I dont remember any rate changes from RBI apart from 0.5 basis point last to last month but RIO on my Home loan changed from existing 12% to 13.25%. It was 12% in Jan2011, 12.5% in feb, 12.75 % in March & now I have just checked its whopping 13.25% for April 2011. Is anybody from RBI listening? ..What kind of loot is this? Do we have somebody who is looking at these matters?

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-May-24
Dear Pravin, Kindly contact the ICICI Customer Care on their Toll free number 1800-22-4848 in order to resolve your complaint. RBI sets interest rates but it is banks who decide how much interest they need to charge. Here we have the base rate by banks. That is the reason why every banks interest rate differs. If you feel that you are being charged interest rates heavily you always have an option to refinance the home loan from some other bank which charges lesser interest rates on your home loan . You can always look up the website for your home loan needs.
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