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cheated by agent Jyoti Hooda | Insurance | 1 Reply


Max insurance agent  told that the policy is like if he pays premium for 3years the premium whill get doubled in 5years, beieving the agent my father took 2 policies and he is not a literate man therefore he paid money time to time for 3 years and according to the agent advise he was waiting for five years to get completed. When he went to office and he got to know that he has deposited 75000/ and he has only paid 50%. so what can i do my agent is not replying and he has also changed the job. i ineed money, only my money not the interest and all pls help me and give money my second policy it is also of same type. I need money for my daughter marriage.

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-May-28
Dear Jyoti, Kindly contact Max Life Insurance Customer care on toll free number at 1800 180 5577 in order to resolve your complaints.Read all the information before buying a policy. Mis selling is a rampant practice in insurance products. Always understand your insurance needs.Read the fine print carefully during the 15 day grace look in period. You can cancel the policy if not satisfied.Look before you leap. Don\'t buy that policy in a hurry.For any queries visit as it is India\\\'s only free on call money adviser.
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