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Misguide to sell policy Umesh kant cheetu | Insurance | 1 Reply


Umesh kant cheetu take one prudential life insurance policy from ICICI 
Agent.My policy no is 10145342.I diposit 30000rs at first time.After 
that Ideposite 2500RS per month. Now I Deposit 90000Rs till2011.the 
agent told us after 5 Years I got 1,50000.But now told me that this 
policy is under share Market.that is going down and your amount is only
67000rs.Tell me now What can i do.I Purchase this policy from Ludhiana. The agent cheated me

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jun-10
Dear Mr Umesh, Please contact ICICI Life Insurance customer care center at 1860 266 7766 in order to resolve your complaint .A ULIP is basically a combination of insurance as well as investment. A part of the premium paid is utilized to provide insurance cover to the policy holder while the remaining portion is invested in various equity and debt schemes. The money collected by the insurance provider is utilized to form a pool of funds that is used to invest in various capital market instruments (debt and equity) in varying proportions just the way it is done for mutual funds. Mis selling is a common occurrence in the insurance industry.Agents have targets and would resort to any method to achieve them.We need to be on our guard to prevent mis selling.It is pointless crying over spilt milk.Always understand your insurance needs.Read the fine print carefully during the 15 day grace look in period. You can cancel the policy if not satisfied.Look before you leap.In order to read about misselling and insurance please look up the website is India\'s only free on call money adviser.
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