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MISSELLING THE SUBJECT POLICY NO 110313037000 & 110213010569, AEGON RELIGARE, NEW DELHI Akresh-Garg | Insurance | 1 Reply


Dear Concerned, This is to bring in your information about above mention policy no, I Akresh Garg bought this policy from representative of Aegon Religare ( MR Sanjay) at the time of taking this policy he told me that it is a very good policy which can give you guaranteed returns or fulfill your all future need but after getting into the details of policy I realized that it is a regular premium policy and the returns he had shown its not guaranteed after which I asked the same representative to cancel this policy & refund my money and to this he assured me that it will be taken care of and your policy will be converted into a guaranteed returns plan for which he has taken a new cheque from me & said you will receive the amount of existing policy within 10 days but you will be surprised to know that he has issued a new policy to me which also was a regular premium policy and neither I’ve received the amount of existing policy. After all this I visited Aegon religare office to cancel these polices but they were unable to help me on this and said your freelook period is over and it can’t be canceled now. Please suggest what should I do now & kindly consider my complain and direct Aegon Religare life insurance company to take my complain and solve my problem.Now i want my entire money back i don’t trust to any private life insurance company who always cheated to people for their personal benefit Thanks and regards Akresh Garg

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jun-21
Dear Mr Akresh, Please contact Aegon Religare customer care center at 087 67 130222 in order to resolve your complaint . Kindly read all the information properly before buying a policy.The reason that mis-selling took root after the introduction of Ulip is this: the traditional policy was sold as a 15-year corpus-building plan by the agent; however, Ulip was sold as a three-year money-doubling plan. The sellers did not tell the investors that they needed to keep funding policies every year for 10-15 years for them to benefit. Mis-selling is a rampant practice in insurance products.Read the fine print carefully during the 15 day grace look in period.Always understand your insurance needs.Look before you leap. Don\'t buy the policy in a hurry.For any queries please visit as it is India\'s only free on call money adviser.
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