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home loan -Mr-Abhishek | Loans and Credit Cards | 1 Reply


Review Alerts Set email alert for this review / product Bookmark this review Print this review. Taking a Home Loan All Advices Taking a Home Loan Rating Wanted To Shift My Home Loan from GIC to HDFC By: abhi2963 | Jun 12, 2013 05:08 PM Hello Everyone I am presently having a Home loan from GIC housing Finance Bangalore which is a year old. Presently I am paying 12.5% rate of interest. I was thinking to shift my home loan from GIC to HDFC as HDFC is offering 10.4% rate of interest. I would like to know if my decision is a viable one as I have not done much business with HDFC, I am not aware that how do they regulate their rate of interest. It should not happen that once my loan is transferred within few months I am rolled back to higher rate of interest. Can any one suggest me on this

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jul-02
Dear, Mr. Abhishek, Please contact GIC toll free number-18001030000.In order to solve your complaint. You can always use the home loan balance transfer option as a tool to procure interest at a lower rate on your home loan. Balance transfer is a refinancing option to get the existing home loan in one bank transferred to another bank to avail the benefits of a lower interest rate. Let us consider the case in which we have taken a loan of 15 years tenure we still have about 10 years of repayment left . Here the new interest rates offered are 1% lower than the rates offered by our bank. Here we have the balance transfer option where we shift the outstanding loan from our lender to the cheaper lender. Here the new lender will check our past repayment history and it is necessary to keep the statements handy. Banks charge around 0.5%-1% of the total home loan amount applied for as a processing fee. It is possible with hard bargaining with the new lender to bring this down or in some cases even waive off these home loan processing fees. In order to know more about home loans please look up the website This is India\'s only free on call money Adviser.
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