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real estate Mr-sreenivasan | Real Estate | 1 Reply


Guys!! I purchased flat here and not at all happy with the quality of work here. Marketing guys make all false promise. My all dreams for my sweet home is shattered once i started staying in. They have done all temporary work so that they complete the work sooner and sell the flat and steal people hard money. i have got so many trouble, now waiting for right moment to sell my flat and get away. These people know how to trap people once u approach them for purchase inquiry. Make wise decision and do proper search before u purchase flat here. inquire as many as flat owner about experience staying already. don\\\'t feel that how flat owners will respond. Be positive. All the best.

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jul-03
Dear,Sreenivasan The problems generally faced in the real estate sector are companies making false promises,companies being fake,companies not keeping their promises.In order to solve these problems government passed the Real estate bill.salient features of the Real estate bill include the bill imposes strict guidelines on advertisements and prospectus from builders and also has provisions for claiming compensation for loss caused by misleading statements.along with selling based on carpet area,should deter misleading advertising and lofty promises .The provision in the bill to set up an appellate panel to take up disputes between buyers and builders with help in the speedy resolution of issues such as delays,change in specifications and so on typically faced by buyers.In order to know more about real estate please contact Indianmoney .com.This is India\'s only free on call money adviser.
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