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real estate Mr-Nirmalbaba1960 | Real Estate | 1 Reply


I have had a very bad experience with this builder. His attitude is very \"hitler style\". He forces things on owners and asks for insane demands. Asks for payment demand even before the construction for that stage is ready .Charges interest on delay of payments(due dates for payments is very short and strict). Will not inform you of interest earlier and will ask for a huge amount in the end.Charges interest on interest. Very rude attitude in dealing with owners. never available for talks, Poor quality of tiles/patterns/doors fixed, Agreement is all made in his favor, for any illogical payments he quotes agreement which was very cleverly made in his favour at the start Didn’t deliver the quality what it promised.

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jul-05
Dear,Nirmalbaba, One of the most common complaints of buyers against builders is regarding the specifications of the built up area and the carpet area. Customers are frustrated and tired of some builders who inevitably have hidden charges to offer with any transactions you make with them. The commencement certificate and its verification is a must to ensure that the building construction is authentic and under the legal specifications that are laid down by the local authorities. Quality is yet another area, where the builders prove themselves as unscrupulous. Many a times, builders do not provide with what they initially promise. In order to know more about Real estate please contact This is India\'s only free on-call money adviser.
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