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home loan Mr-Himanshu-nagpal | Loans and Credit Cards | 1 Reply


I have taken a home loan from HDFC bank after foreclosing my previous loan with First blue, Foreclosure date of my loan was 25th of the month and I tried to get the closure cheque by 18th of the month, I was assured by the bank personnel that lawyer will collect the cheque and will deposit to the First blue bank on your behalf .for this I need to pay Rs 3500 as a lawyer fee. On Monday I have to go for an official travel l so Sunday I again called and confirmed that lawyer will deposit the cheque on time that is before foreclosure cheque. After a week I contacted my first blue bank to find out the status of loan closure as I didn’t received any message that my loan is closed with the bank and got to know that cheque is still not deposited to the bank after further digging in the matter I got to know that lawyer has collected the cheque but did not deposited to the First blue bank, Neither he contacted me/ my wife, Bank personnel was also sleeping and didn’t respond on the calls , Lawyer also stopped responding on the calls , After chasing him a lot they wake up and start processing the foreclosure after 10 days of cheque issued to me. Till time the cheque was on float and I already paid the interest Rs 21000 to HDFC bank for 15 days time .On the other hand due to delay of foreclosure with first blue is already delayed and I have to pay and additional interest to First blue also of rs 17000 for the time of 10 days . I started chasing HDFC bank for resolving of the Interest issue and excess amount paid by me for NON UTILIZATION of fund/ Cheque which was lying with the lawyer, For two months I am chasing the thing and still this issue was not resolved. - I was not even told by the bank that a new cheque could have been issued for the chequed not utilized and I would not be liable for paying the interest of unutilized cheque. - No satisfactory Resolution of my issue by the bank in time - It was a mental harassment by the bank for collecting document and getting the cheque. - Being the biggest bank they had the poorest customer services. Resolution i got from the bank Customer service is This issue is between Lawyer and you so you need to resolve with him . Bank is no where responsible for any thing .Bank personnel did not informed me about ( new cheque can be issued if cheque is not utilised and no interest payment will be taken Unprofessional services. I have to go to bank several times for getting my loan sanctioned after filling the application .They simply tries to lure you with your talks and once you are in then it will be a vivious circle .

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jul-06
Dear Himanshu , Please contact the toll free number of HDFC BANK at 1800-102-3333.In order to resolve your complaint.. The common problems that come under home loans are many of the home loan applications do not pass even the first test. They are out rightly rejected due to incompatibility between the borrower\'s qualifications and lenders requirements,With every application form for home loans, banks require about 0.25% to 1% of the loan amount to be submitted as the processing fees. This processing fees is generally not refundable.The monthly income, financial history, other unpaid loans with the borrower, past repayment record, credit card usage history if any, bounced checks, average balance with the banks, continuity in present employment, total years in employment, nature of employment etc. These factors all clubbed together help the bank to decide whether it will be able to recover its money satisfactorily or not, Whether to go for a fixed rate or floating rate interest for home loans is a dilemma which almost every home loan borrower faces. Even after deciding on a particular loan regime, the home loan terms and conditions, fine print can create havoc with your interest rates. If you which to know more about thome loans Please contact which is India\'s only free on call money adviser.
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