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home loan Mr-Dn-alband | Loans and Credit Cards | 1 Reply


Axis is fine but the problem with them is they are very egocentric. They are not aggressive as they use to be. Because they have captured the market well already. I had the below experience with them. I had applied for a home loan with Axis bank through some DSA (Direct Sales Agency) as they have outsourced this likecollecting documents, cheques, and submitting forms etc. I was eligible for the loan amount that I had asked for and property documents also cleared through their lawyer. Also the technical evaluator had done the evaluation. I have received the sanction letter in fifteen days that my loan is sanctioned subject to technical and legal clearance. I have been following up with the DSA and scheduled for the registration date which was about 38 days from the agreement date. The previous day before the registration date the DSA calls me up and says that my loan is cancelled as the house construction has the deviation of 30% from the actual plan. I was pissed off and yelled at them if it was the case they should have informed me earlier and why the hell have they made me wait for more than a month as the agreement date would get expire in week’ time(I had the agreement for 45 days). The next day visited the bank and met the branch manager saying the same if it was the case they would have informed me earlier I would have opt for some other bank as my agreement is expiring in a week’s time and it is too late. He had no answer and I literally begged him to disburse my loan but for no help.

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jul-12
Dear Mr Dn Alband , Please contact the toll free number of Axis bank at 1800 233 5577 in order to resolve your complaints.. The common problems that come under home loans are banks reject home loan applications in the first stage if you dont have proper documents or sometime due to age criteria, income criteria, and sometimes if your verification is not done properly banks reject your home loan application,Before the disbursement of loan banks require 10% to 20% of the amounts of the entire loan amount as a down payment, and this is a mandatory , if such an amount is not deposited banks may reject your housing loan applications. If you want to know more about Home loans Please contact which is India\'s only free on call money adviser.
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