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real estste Mr--Niloybho | Real Estate | 1 Reply


My name is Niloy and I have booked a flat in Mantri Webcity ( A 501), Bangalore through your company’s agent Mr. Srinivasa ( ) . At the time of booking Mr. Srinivasa has promised me a discount for Rs 40 per sq ft ,he also mentioned that this amount will be handed over to me in cash once Indiahomes get its commission from Mantri Developer. Mantri Developer has already paid their commission to Indiahomes , but unfortunately I did not get my share promised earlier . Now it is more than 4 months and I am still waiting . I have raised my concern with multiple peoples at Indiahomes and also written email and . No one bothered to respond me with any clarification . What is worse that is that Mr. Srinivasa does not respond to my phone and SMS messages . I feel I have been cheated and your agent has breached the contract .I want immediate attention from your higher authorities to resolve this issue .

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jul-18
Dear, Mr.Niloybho, Please contact the toll free number of Indiahomes at 1800-1022-224 in order to resolve your complaints.The common problems that come under real estate are Inspection issues . I would like to see sellers have a home inspection before listing but few do. Environmental issues, especially underground tanks are another problem and they should be certified and insured.Not being familiar with the contract, real estate jargon or the process and imissing important deadlines results in the contracts falling through.Buyers are often improperly or inappropriately pre-qualified by a zealous Loan Officer. .Contracts fall through because, buyers often don\'t have their paperwork ready. Sometimes they look for a home to purchase, find the perfect home, but are not in a position to make an offer because they didn\'t take the time to prepare and get a pre-approval.If you want to know moreabout the real estate sector please contact .This is India\'s only free on-call money adviser.
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