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Misselling Of Insurance Benita-Kumar | Insurance | 1 Reply


This is to highlight the false commitment done by your insurance representative to me. Your insurance representative sold a policy to me by saying that this is one of the best policy in the market. He said that you just have to deposit your money for five year and you can save 100% tax on you premium. On 4th January I asked him that I have to submit my saving proof to my company so he gave me the policy number. I entered it in the website of my company then I come to know about the fact that I can only save 10% of the sum assured. I feel being cheated and called him at that moment and told him to cancel that policy. He apologies and said that I deal with the securities this is the add-on work I do so I was actually not aware of it. I said ok no issue you just put a request to cancel the policy. He said ok I will get it cancel but we have to wait for policy document. 
On 9th I got the policy document which I did not even open up and gave it to him along with a cancelled check and application to cancel the policy. After this he said that It will take some time to process the request. Along with this he said not to complaint about this incidence as he will loose his job. I said ok no issue you just get this policy cancelled.
After this I called him after 10 to 15 days back for the status. Then he said the request is in progress you do not worry. I did the follow up after 2 weeks then he said there was some mistake in the documentation which I have corrected and resubmitted your request I will take another 15 working days. I gave him another entire month. After a month when I checked my bank statement I did not have any thing credited back in my account. Then I called the head of his department. I had word with him and I explained same to him. Then he called him and asked about the status. After his meeting with his head, he called me saying that he was failed to submit that cancellation request in freelook period so it is not getting entertained. He said the to me in the month of April. He and his HOD talked to me and persuade me to take the policy. He also informed me about term plan and said that by this you can increase your sum assured and get the tax benefit at low price. However I already have a term plane with other insurance company. Agent keep persuading me that this is a good policy and has good return why you are complaining to my HOD. I want to avoid any dispute so I give a that to continue the policy. I Agent returned my policy document in late April. And when I went thru the document I realized the policy term is 15 year instead of 10 Year, and I will get money in installment of 18 thousand. 
Then I realized that I actually got cheated by the agent who gave me false information and mislead me about the cancellation of the policy. I am a working women with 1 and 1/2 year daughter so I actually do not had much time to strictly follow up with the agent and run behind you people. I also did not even believe one can cheat their client to this extent. 
Please help me as I can not run to behind lot of people. Also not too rich to spent 25 thousand like this. My policy number is 50637794.

Thanks and Regards
Benita Kumari

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jul-22
Dear Benita, Please contact the Reliance Life insurance toll free number at 1800 300 08181 in order to resolve your complaint.Misseling is a rampant practice in insurance.Always look into the policy fine print during the 15 days grace period.Agents tend to delay sending the requisite documents during the grace period.If you suspect that the agent is stalling immediate abort the purchase.Ask all the relevant questions before purchasing the policy.If you have any queries about life insurance please lookup the website is India\'s only free on call money adviser.
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