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Problem with the insurance policy bhavesh | Insurance | 1 Reply


I Bhavesh Vora, Resident of Baroda city, Gujarat. I purchased a Life Insurance policy with your company on my name, bearing Policy no : 17641386. Premium of this policy was Rs. 3 Lacs/ annum and policy name was Wealth Builder. I purchased this policy from one of my colleague’s reference from Mr. Nirav shah, working as Branch Manager , Icici Securuties – Memnagar Branch, Ahmedabad. 

Because I came across certain Financial Liability unexpectedly, I went to the Icici Prudential branch to cancel/free look this policy on 25th of April, 2013. But they did not accept it, saying it’s 4:30 pm so come tomorrow morning. When I reached to the office very next day on 26th April at 10:30 am, this time they refused to accept the cancellation application saying your Free look period is over and we can’t do anything about it. 
I was shocked to hear that the free look period is over but as per me the last date has to be 27th as I have received the policy on 12th of April and hence considering 15days free look time the last day has to be 27th. I informed them the same so they checked their system & said that the policy was delivered to me on 10th of april. I requested them to pls let me know the name of person who has received the policy. They said it was acknowledge by some Pravin bhai and there is no one of this name in our family. I am shocked and surprised how such important document was handed over to some unknown person who can misused such important document in a big way.

Considering above reason, I fail to understand that where am I at the fault when I made it on 25th or even 
If on 26th , which was the 14th day itself as per policy received by me on 12th of April. Still they made me write a request letter of Extended Free Look for Refund of my money and ask me to wait for 4 working days to get the procedure done. 

Now, ever since I have given that request letter, till date, I haven’t got any reply from company. Though I tried to know the status today morning and I called up at call centre and also called Mr. Prashant Solanki whom I met at the Ipru office on 26th April, to understand the status, even they were clueless and asked to me contact front desk office.

I hope with this clarification, the picture should be very clear to you and It will be easy for you to understand my situation. My only request to you is that I should not suffer for unnecessary reason where in there is no fault of mine. 

So, please look into this matter and give me the justice.

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jul-24
Dear Bhavesh, Please contact the toll free number of Icici Prodential Life Insurance at 1860 266 7766 In order to resolve your complaint .Misselling is a rampant practice in life insurance.Beware that it does not happen to you.Always study your insurance policy during the free look period of 15 days given to you.If you suspect that your agent is stalling immediately abort the purchase of that insurance policy.The common tactic used here is the agent does not send the necessary documents during the mandatory 15 day look in period so that you may not study the policy.If you have any doubts regarding insurance please look up the website is India\'s only free oncall money adviser.
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