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Wrong Policy Sold Rahul | Insurance | 1 Reply


Hi, ICICI Prudential Insurance agents are cheaters. When I went to ICICI Direct branch in Abhimanashree Society to submit KYC documents for my demat account, there was this person who claimed to be an employee (which I believed then but I doubt now). He told me that there is a very good investment opportunity and explained all false promises as below: 1. You have to pay Rs. 50,000/- only once. 2. After 5 years of mandated period, I will get a good money back depending on returns from market. 3. I asked if this is a mutual fund, but he said, it is a bit different than mutual fund and they do invest in Gold and others in addition to shares. 4. I did not get any letter / welcome kit from ICICI Prudential. 5. I went to the same branch after some days and gave him my name and number and he gave me a print out of policy. That is when i realized it is a Insurance policy. 6. I tried to attach the policy to my icici account. It took around 25 days to get it linked. 7. That is when I saw online that my next premium for Rs. 50,000/- is pending. I was not told at all that I will have to pay the amount every year. 8. I called customer care and he asked me to go to branch and cancel the policy. He also submitted a request for welcome kit. 9. But when I read these complaints from other people, I realize I have done a BIG BIG mistake. I am not sure if I would get my money back. Please do not take any product from ICICI . it seems they are all cheaters waiting there to gulp your money. Bad part is, when I called helpdesk, I realized he had updated my address, phone number and email id all wrong. This must be intentional to not let me know that I have been cheated by ICICI Prudential. I never received any email or kit. PLease do not take any product from ICICI agents. It seems they have a nexus in ICICI Direct branches and sell their products faking as ICICI Direct agents. Policy No: 16882676 I request ICICI Prudential to cancel my policy and return me money. This is my hard earned money. You cannot grow cheating people and gulping their money. You should face a strong action or lawsuit against you and your agents.

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jul-26
Dear Rahul, Please contact ICICI Prudential Life insurance at their toll free number 1800-22-2020 in order to resolve your complaint.Misselling is a rampant practice practised in insurance.Our economy has taken a trillion rupee hit because of these practices.Agents have thier targets and are bound to meet them.It is up to you to take care of your life insurance priorities and not expect the agents to do your work for you.When agents know that you have knowledge about the life insurance policies they will not missell policies to you.Remember \"Knowledge Is Power\".Always study your life insurance policy in the 15 day grace look in period.Afterwards doing this is of no avail.You can return your life insurance policy within this period if you are not satisfied.You can always look up Ithe website which is India\'s only free on call money adviser.
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