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Policy Problems Datta-Deshmukh | Loans and Credit Cards | 1 Reply


Hi I have been applied for Housing Loan with your reputed Bank of amount Rs. 8,75,000/-. but which is not saction,But Rs.6,816/-ie.processing fee debited on date 29 June 2012.from my mahindra kotak bank A/C which is also shown in my bank statement. Now I called the Agent Santoshkumar Bile, who is not at all helpful , to refund me my processing charge back as there was no investigation done from the HDFC banks side to keep the money and nor refund my amount. My loan was not even sanctioned, no sanction letter was provided and no investigation of property was done as it was never finalized. Could you please assist me in giving my money back to my account? Agent’s Name: Santoshkumar Bile (9823152951), File No.: 605323608 Please get back to me for any other details required. Thank you, Datta Deshmukh.

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jul-29
Dear Mr Datta, Please contact the HDFC Toll free number at 1800-102-3333 in order to resolve your complaint..You need to remember all the necessary points in order to get your loan sanctioned.The due diligence process needs to be completed in a suitable manner by you.You cannot depend on the bank alone to do the due diligence process.You need to remember that the bank charges a fee for loan processing.This amount is not refunded and even if your loan is not sanctioned you could lose this amount.Please read all the fine print carefully before applying for that loan.If you have any queries regarding home loans Please lookup the website is India\'s only free on call money adviser.
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