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Refund Of The Loan Processing Fees Kiran | Loans and Credit Cards | 1 Reply


Hello Friends, I would like to share my very bad and pathetic experience with Edelweiss. I wanted to buy an house in Mumbai Suburbs around for 40 Lacs. I had applied for Home Loan in Edelweiss for 80% amount against agreement value (All the documents were proper as per RBI guidelines). After checking my eligibility for Maximum loan they provided me one certificate mentioning Max loan amt of Rs. 38 Lacs & agreed for required loan amount. Since my requirement was only 32 Lacs, I immediately paid processing fees of Rs. 11, 230/- & decided to go for an registration in months time. Just before one day of registration this bloody cheaters told me that Valuation of property is very less, we can give u only 70% of amount. I was shocked & asked for refund of processing fees, as I had to look for another option on immediate basis. When I asked for refund these bloody cheaters told me that policy of company does not allow them to refund the processing fees & rudely told me that still if u r interested then take this 70% or ur choice. Guys I would suggest to not to go for this NBFC ever in ur life. Also there is no coordination between employees of this firm. As everyone will say different story from their mouth. I have already wasted my Rs. 11K & time just bcz of this cheaters. Its not about money, but its about trust & Plans which u will make on the basis of promise which these guy will make. Plz dont think about Edelweis ever. Thanks, Kiran

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Jul-30
Dear Kiran, Please contact Edelweiss customer care and grievance center at 022 - 4342 8393 in order to resolve your complaint.You need to remember that whenever you approach a bank for that home loan keep all your documents ready.Have a due diligence check done on the builder before construction of your house.Submit all the relevant documents along with the proof of your due diligence check.Your home loan rejection will be quite difficult if you have all your documents and your due diligence check dane.Do not depend on the bank to do your due diligence check for you.You need to remember that is there is any discrepency from your end banks and NBFC are liable to keep the loan processing amount.This is a loss you should be willing to accept.banks charge a loan processing fee in order to sanction your home loans.If you want to know more about home loans please look up the website is India\'s only free on call money adviser.
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