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real estate problem kripal9 | Real Estate | 1 Reply


I have booked one flat with Keerthi Estates Pvt Ltd. I wanted the flat documents from them for the floor in which i have booked my flat. But builder is not providing me my flat document. I m following them for property document for more than 8 month now and every time I get only one response from Keerthi Estates that they don’t have completion certificate and asking me to switch to other project. In which Keerthi Estates will demand additional charge for the due amount of flat. I don’t want to switch in other project. I want approval of loan from LIC housing and they need the completion certificate of building to disburse loan amount. Anyone, please assist me with this problem.

By IndianMoney Experts - 2013-Aug-02
Dear Kripal , The real estate bill is going to be passed in the parliament that will solve all major complaints with respect to the real estate sector. As you have already booked the flat , you need to be sure whether the builder has fulfilled all the norms and conditions to get the completion certificate i.e distance from the road, distance from the adjacent building,height of the building and other approved norms of the municipal authorities as well as the building plan.Completion certificate basically means that any building needs to be constructed as per the approved plans without any deviations and violations.The .building should be certified as having been constructed in compliance of a planning permit , building permit and other applicable laws..Issuing of completion certificate will ensure that the owner has constructed the building as per the approved plan. Unless he fulfills all the criteria set by the municipal authority he will not get the completion certificate.Completion certificate is necessary because the building will be assessed for the property tax with effect from the date of completion of the building,The water rate will be converted in to domestic instead of non-domestic with effect from date of completion of the building. The completion certificate will facilitate payment of the final installment of the housing loan to start repayment of the same, If the builder does not meet all the criteria set by the municipal authority he will not get all the documents of that flat. That\'s why the builder is unable to produce the legal documents of that if he does not give you all the documents of that flat .Please look up for any query regarding real estate.This is India\'s only free on call money adviser.
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